Making your own dresses is a fun activity and it saves money as well. However, you do have to take good sewing courses that will teach you the basics of designing your dresses, selecting and cutting fabric and then sewing your own dress. Here is what you have to look for in good sewing courses.

Type of classes 

Choosing a class depends on your dressmaking skills. Do you have basic sewing skills or are you starting from scratch? In this case, you will have to select from beginner, intermediate and expert level classes that will specialize in different types of sewing projects all of which can be done with a tailor in london. Almost all institutes will have these three basic levels of sewing courses.

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Choose classes that teach entire projects from design to eventual conception rather than sewing basics and theory. For example, basic classes start with knicker making and then progress onward to shifts, T-shirts and so on. When you are taught entire projects, the result can prove to be a substantial motivating factor.


Sewing courses may specialize in baby clothing, female clothing or even accessories and bag design. If you like a particular niche, make sure find a class that teaches this skill. No matter what you like, just make sure that the class teaches everything related to that particular skill starting from scratch.


The cost will vary according to what you are learning and the learning level. Some colleges will call in expert teachers and they will provide material and machines for sewing practice. Others may ask you to bring your own equipment. Obviously, cost will vary according to these services offered. We recommend that you inquire with the class before you enroll for it.

Teaching institution 

Almost every vocational institution will teach the basic and advanced dressmaking. You can also check with local fashion designing institutes, technical colleges, evening schools and colleges to pick up the basic skills. Professional level sewing courses are only taught at dress designing or fashion training institutes.

Teaching style 

Some institutes prefer to give personal tuition to students while others may hold group classes. Individual tuition is expensive but it is worth it if you want to turn professional later on. However, group classes are fun as well as you will learn more and you get to interact socially with several people interested in the same skill.

Realtime vs. online 

Of course, if you don't want to enroll in a paying class and you cannot attend a class fulltime you can enroll for online classes. Free video sites have endless videos that teach the basics of design, cutting and sewing. You may also be able to find paid online classes that stream live and allow interactions with the teacher through chat or voice calls.

A few tips

Now that you know what to look for in sewing courses, you can get started right away. You will have to buy a home sewing machine to help you practice. Buy cheap material and try out your dressmaking skills before you actually start on making your own dresses.